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Are you aware there are over a hundred types of koi fish? No wonder they are popular. The Koi is a fish that was first introduced in Japan and China but originated from the Caspian Sea. Undoubtedly, it’s a beautiful type of fish with stunning colors.

Indeed, their sparkling and vibrant colors make them recognizable in every aquarium or koi fish pond. Moreover, Koi fish are intelligent and can give you a lifelong companion due to their lifespan of 50 years.

Obviously, with the variety of koi fish, distinguishing them can be confusing. However, welcome to the world of these fascinating jewels – here are six types of koi fish.

1.   Kohaku

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Meet Kohaku – the first koi fish to develop. Its body got two vibrant colors. The Kohaku koi fish brings breathtaking beauty to koi fish ponds or aquariums. It’s a beautiful fish with stunning white color, not forgetting the red patches and a yellowish nose, making it a favorite pet to many.

Additionally, the patches differ from dark red to light orange-red. The ones with dark red blotches are the right choice for beginners, as they are easy to maintain. The thing is, the markings tend to fade as the fish ages.

On the other hand, those with light red patches are difficult to maintain. The crisp margin on the markings is apparent between the red and white colors. They are ideal koi fish for experts.

Again, there are different types of Kohaku breeds, and you can differentiate them through the markings. The ones without marking on their head are called Boze, and the ones with markings are called Bongiri.

2.   Showa

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Also referred to as Showa Sanke or Showa Sanshoku, this koi fish comes in three colors. It is beautified by the red, white, and black colors that are excellently distributed throughout the body. True, the crisp margin breaks between the colors.

Though it somehow looks like Sanke koi fish, what differentiates them is the Showa family’s black Kasaru. Again, the black pattern in Showa runs through the whole body, unlike Sanke, where black is only seen at the upper part.

3.   Taisho Sanke

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Here is Taisho Sanke, a fantastic koi fish with three colors. The whole body is beautiful due to the white, red, and black colors.

The entire body is white (Shiroji) with red patches and black markings. Sanke is one of the big three koi fish- it’s also elegant with two colors, white and red.

The red marking from the top of the head to the tail differentiates this fish from other koi fish like Kohaku. So you can clearly see the face. The black markings (Sumi) make it a unique fish with white pectoral fins at the base.

4.   Bekko Koi

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Bekko means tortoiseshell. Don’t confuse Bekko with Utsuri. Bekko got three colors at the base; white, red, and yellow, with black markings (Sumi) throughout the body. The head is clear without any marking.

Further, there are different variants when it comes to Bikko koi fish. They are Shiro Bekko, with a red body, and Ki Bikko, with a yellow body. Shiro is the most common type of Bekko.

5.   Hikari Muji

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You’ll love this koi fish by the name Hikari Muji. It’s a single-colored fish with a shiny body. Their beauty makes them the favorite fish to be sold from retail fish tanks. There are different types of Hikari koi fish; for instance, Orenji Ogon comes in deep orange.

The Aka Matsuba got red scales and black centers, bringing a pinecone effect. The Yamabuki Ogon is metallic-looking with a yellowish tint. Next is the Kin Matsuba, colored in yellow gold, almost similar to Aka Matsuba. The Gin Matsuba is silver-colored.

6.   Asagi

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Asagi koi fish are gorgeous swimming creatures. The belly, gill plates and body is red-orange, and the top of the body got a net-like pattern blue in color. Something more, the red coloration on the body spreads upwards as the koi fish ages.

There is a breed in Asagi which is extra red called Hi Asagi. Also, the Taki Asagi fish is blue with an additional white-colored line of scales between the red and blue area around the fish’s body. Remember, the head is white with no markings.


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Koi fish is a beautiful breed. They can be great pets if you have an aquarium or koi fish pond. There are hundreds of koi fish varieties, so we can’t outline all. Nevertheless, the above list got the most recognized types of Koi fish for any koi hobbyist.

If you want to know about koi fish, you can differentiate them by their markings, types of scales, color patterns, and other body features.